Feel Good Friday – 10/6/17

I’m around performing arts kiddos for most of my work life, mostly at the local Senior High but also for a short time each year at the local Community College.  Choral department accompanist, marching band staff, theatrical director for the Senior High Spring Musical, pit pianist and rehearsal accompanist for the college musical . . . I’m around the performing arts vibe quite a bit and I love it!

When it is time to sign up for auditions – whether it is for jazz band, fall play, musical, a small vocal ensemble, etc. – I frequently have kids ask me “Should I audition?”  and my answer is always the same – “Yes!  Of course you should.”

I’m quick to tell them that there are no guarantees EVER in life.  You’re going to audition for roles you don’t get, someone else may get first chair in the band, you may not get that job you REALLY wanted, or your dream house may be COMPLETELY out of your price range.  But every single time you put yourself out the – applying for a job, auditioning for a play, trying to start a business – you learn.  You realize that you can have butterflies in your stomach and survive your audition fairly intact.  You get better at coping with disappointment and looking for other opportunities that may be available to you.  Most of all, you learn how to take chances and push yourself beyond your comfort zone which is all a part of growing up.

When asked how he felt about trying so often and failing to find something that would work as a filament in the light bulb, Thomas Edison answered, “I have not failed.  I have just found 10,000 things that don’t work.”  There are any number of quotes from that prolific inventor that talk about the need to try “just one more time”.  Imagine if he had stopped one try short of actually finding the solution.


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